How to select a proofreader

At Proofreading Market, we provide all the information that is necessary for you to select a good proofreader. Not only do we provide the details of the services each proofreading agency offers but we also provide testimonials and references from students who have availed such services. So, before you shortlist a number of proofreaders or select a proofreader, it is advisable to look at the ratings of the proofreading agencies. The ratings will help you to determine if a proofreading agency provides good service. Also, read the testimonials written by students and researchers – if many students have benefited from the services of a particular agency, you can be sure of its credibility.

Before selecting a proofreader, ensure that the proofreader is qualified. Some of the questions you need to ask are: (a) Does he/she have experience in your subject area? (b) Does he/she have a degree in your field or a similar field? A proofreader who has a degree in your field will be able to enhance your thesis or dissertation further and provide invaluable inputs. This is why it is advisable to check the qualifications of your proofreader before selecting him/her for the job.

Also, have a chat with your proofreader and ensure that he/she understands your requirements. Only select a proofreader if there is a comfort zone and understanding between you and your proofreader.