About Us

Proofreading Market was established to help students and researchers find the best proofreading agency in the shortest possible time. At Proofreading Market, we understand that time is of the spirit when it comes to completing and submitting a thesis or dissertation. This is the reason we have developed a portal, shining light on the proofreading agencies in the market and the reviews provided by past customers of these agencies. This way, students, will be able to shortlist the agencies based on their requirements efficiently.

Today, there is so much of the information on the Internet that students often have the problem of ‘information overload.’ As such, it becomes difficult to judge if the acquired facts on the Internet is true or if the sources are credible. At Proofreading Market, we address all these problems and assure that all the collected details on our website is up-to-date.

Also, as consumers, you have the right to compare products and services of all the firms before making a purchase, which is why we have come up with a comparison feature that allows you to compare the price, services offered by various companies, and the time taken by the firms to complete a particular project.

At Proofreading Market, we don’t just provide information but we help you to shape your academic career.